Instructions about placing a wall between a ceiling joists

Every home construction requires ceiling joists. The walls and the ceiling are connected to the floor through the joist. Without ceiling joists the structural integrity of the home would be nonexistent.

The difficulty of adding another wall in a room is rather small. Still if you decide to add a wall between an existent ceiling joists than things get complicated.

Mark the spot where the top plate for the new wall will be placed on the ceiling with a pencil. Drill both ends of the wall for a screw to be placed inside.

Locate the screws you just drove into the ceiling by going into the attic and looking for them. Measure the distance that is between the wall and the joists. This distance will be the required size of the 2×4 studs you will use.

Attach the studs to the joists and place the 2x4s at a 16 inches distance. Set a block piece at the end of the wall.
The top plate should be attached to the block pieces at the end of the walls. After that you can finally install the studs and build the wall. All these steps have the purpose of adding support to the new wall and protecting the existing joists integrity.

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