Keeping noise away using hat channels part 2

After, you complete the process of installation of the hat channels, you simply need to cover them and the room is back to normal. The vibration of any noise created inside or outside of your house, or even inside the walls of your house is free to manifest where it wants until you find a good solution for the problem. Hat channels are the best solution, to damp the vibrations and make noise disappear.

They can be installed between furring or directly to the wall. They will absorb the vibrations and will prevent big noises to enter your rooms.

Drywall board should be attached to the hat channels after they have been fixed t the wall and the appropriate sound dampening materials have been also fixed in place. This phase of the project is one of the most important and it must be proceeded will calm and attention. Remember that you will need to use two layers of drywall for the best effect. 12 mm is the thickness of the first layer.

Countersunk screws will attach the layer to the wall. Make sure that the screws reach the channel but not the inner wall. Now, you will attach the second layer which should be 9 mm thick. This one will be attached over the first one with a ¼ inches gap between them. The vibration will be picked without any concern of other issues created by the touch of the two panels. Caulking material will fill the gaps if you wall your wall to be free of air.

After, the drywall is fixed you will need to fill the imperfections with plaster. Paint will be applied on the wall. Make sure that you don’t leave any gaps on the wall because even if small gaps can reduce the effectiveness of your work with 50 percent.

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