Learn about pier foundation

The pier foundation which is built above the ground at several feet uses pillars and posts to support itself. Buildings especially in the coastal area use this type of foundation. The main characteristic of this foundation is that it lifts the house above the ground.
Coastal regions find this a very attractive design because in case of flooding the structure is prevented from any damage.

Using pier foundations to build houses offers a lot of benefits. The installation process is simple and needs few materials therefore there is no need for so much labor and the expenses are small. In case there are floods that hit the house, the foundation design will prevent any damage from affecting the building.

Also because of the special design you can use a big variety of materials. This comes in handy when you have a budget to stick to because you can choose only the materials that you can afford. Comparing the aesthetic value and functionality the materials you can use differ.

When you finish the job you will have to consider the insulation costs. The floor walls and roof have to be insulated. Because you don’t want to find yourself in an awkward position  where you are out of money, you must include insulation in the initial budget. The insulation is very important because it maintains the temperature in the room where you want it but it also keeps bugs and insects away from your house.

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