Learn to add an extra wall in a room

One of the most serious projects to complete by a non-professional is to add a new wall in a house. You will follow the same instructions even if you want to build one or four walls into your house. If you learn the process, you will complete it later without any struggling.

So, you will need to follow some instructions even if your project is a simple one, or if you need to build an elaborate wall which contains a window or a recessed shelve. Read the article below and follow the advice if you want to make your job easier.

First, you will need to mark the outline of your purposed wall using a large carpenter square. In this place, you will install the floor plate. Make sure that you measure three times before you start the project and also be careful with the 90 degree angles to be accurate. Now, you will need to hold a piece of plumb above one end of the line, with the top of the piece line against the bottom of the ceiling joist, and the bottom tip touching the line you drew on the floor. You will need to mark this place on the ceiling joist and repeat the action for the other end of the line.

Now, you will need to fix a 2×4 board which will be the bottom plate and make sure that you align it with the line drew before. You will need to use a stud gun and concrete nails if the floor is made of concrete. You will need to attach only one end first and you will need to make sure that the plate is perfectly aligned with the line drew on the floor. Then, you can attach the other end and fix the plate using nails for every 15 to 20 inches. Also, you will need to attach 2×4 boards along the line until the last boards reaches the end of the line. You will probably need to cut the last piece. Make sure that you use the same process to fix those boards.

Now, it is time to attach the top plate and you will start by measuring the distance from the top surface to the bottom plate and the floor joist. If you use 8 feet wall studs, the distance should be 8 feet and 1 ¾ inches. You will need to cut the studs for fitting if the distance is shorter. So, you will attach the top plate using the same method used for the bottom plate. You will need to make sure that the top plate is perfectly aligned with the bottom one.

Now, you will attach the vertical studs and you will start with the end of the floor plate. You will attach a stud on to the top plate and bottom plate. Make sure that the narrow side will face the outside of the wall. You will need to add studs at every 16 inches and 2 studs back to back at the end of each wall.

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