Learn to build a doorway in a stud wall - part 1

The thing with the stud wall is that it doesn’t need to support the ceiling, being a non-load bearing wall. It has a frame, usually made of wood and a cover of plaster or drywall on the exterior. So this makes a stud wall the perfect candidate for a place to install a new doorway, because you don’t have to worry about temporarily supporting the ceiling and also you don’t have much plumbing and wiring to worry about because these don’t usually pass through stud walls.

Follow the steps below to learn how to safely build a doorway in a stud wall.

1. You still nee to check the wall for wiring and pipes that may run through it so if you do find any of these you should probably call a professional to help you reroute them. It would be easier for you if you had a window installed in the wall because the frame is already in place so the doorway would be easier installed.

2. For this kind of job the best choice would be a pre-hung door that is already part of a frame and jamb. This will eliminate the need to a room needed for the jamb as you will already know the dimensions of the doorway.

3. You can’t just remove a part of the wall. It will be necessary to remove the entire wall facing so get ready for creating a mess in the room.

4. To make the job easier it is better that you prepare all the new parts before starting the actual job. So before doing anything, cut pieces of lumber for the new king studs for the doorway and then build complementing trimmer studs. Remember to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific measurements.

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