Learn to build a doorway in a stud wall - part 2

Continuation from part 1

1. What you have to do now is to remove the drywall of the face of the wall. So equip yourself with goggles and gloves and use the utility knife to remove the drywall.

2. Now you have to make room for the doorway. For this you will need a saw to cut the studs where the doorway will be. Remove the parts you cut.

3. Now you can install the wood studs you prepared in part 1. Get them in place and then use the hammer to fix them. Nail them in the front back and sides. The king studs come first followed by the trimmer studs. In the end you need to create the top of the doorway using a piece of 2×4 wood and some studs to secure it in place.

4. Because you are using a pre-hung door system, you can now put it into place. Follow the manufacturer’s directions about securing the doorway. Now you will need to put on new drywall to cover the areas you destroyed. Also you can add some paint on the door frame to match the rest of the room décor.

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