Learn to choose the underlayment used for wall sheathing

The covering of the exterior of the house is named wall sheathing. This is the base for the insulation face is nailed to the wall. The material needed for the underlayment will be determined by the climate you live in.

Wall sheathing is very important if you want to increase the strength of your walls. Also it is a good way to protect them for bad weather condition. The penetration of water droplets into the house is prevented using siding and veneer insulation attached to the sheathing. Water vapor can penetrate the insulation, but it will never be able to penetrate the sheathing underlayment.

The best material used for the sheathing underlayment is plywood. As good sources of plywood there are recommended oak, walnut, birch and maple. The best material for wall sheathing is hardwood plywood. It is easy to work with and also very strong. It is manufactured in thickness ranging from ¾ inches, ½ and ¼. ¼ represent the minimum thickness for a wall sheathing underlayment. Also, they are manufactured with grades from A to D. First grade, A, represent the best quality of plywood which is sanded smooth and free of any blemishes. Grade B has small blemishes and C has obvious patches. The last one is very rough and it has holes and knots. Below, you will find some types of plywood recommended.

Interior plywood is a well finished material on its both sides and you can use it for the interior. Exterior plywood can be used for both interior and exterior wall of a house and has a higher resistance to water vapor and moisture than the first one. Marine plywood is a great material for exterior and it is used in areas where is high humidity due to its adhesives which offer protection against water and moisture. Structural plywood is the most stable and strong type of material and it suits well in areas prone to hurricanes and hard winds.

So, you will consider the climate characteristics of your area and then you will be able to make the best choice for you and your house. It is very important to count the plywood sheets needed twice and add an extra piece in case you need it. They are manufactured in sheets of 2 by 4 foot which will be nailed onto the 2 by 4 foot frame panels.

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