Learn to construct a knee wall partition - Part 1

If you have a large space or area inside your house and you want to give it a sense of division then you can use a knee wall partition. The wall can also give the impression of a doorway or entrance. Follow the steps below to succeed in building your own knee wall partition.

1. The first thing you need to decide about is where to place the knee wall. You should have in mind that it is better that the partition is positioned so that it is supported by a stud in an adjoining wall.

2. Identify the position of the wall stud and mark it with a pen to know where it is. You will need to know this when you will have to nail a vertical framing support into the stud behind the drywall.

3. Measure the distance outward from the wall where the partition will be installed and then based on that length cut a piece of 2×4 lumbers. Draw the outline of that lumber piece over the floor with a chalk line. Now you will have the bottom plate where the partition will be installed.

4. Create the bottom plate of the partition using the lumber you just cut by securing it to the floor. You will only need to drill through the floor if it is made of concrete. Otherwise you can easily nail the bottom plate into the floor.

5. Now measure the height of the knee wall and cut 2 pieces of 2×4 lumbers minus 3 inches that represent the height of the top plates. Now take the lumber piece and nail it into the adjoining wall. For the other piece of lumber you will have to use a toenail method to fix it vertically on the other end.

6. The top plate has to be the same as the bottom plate but instead you will nail it into on top of the two vertical pieces you just set.

7. You will now have to nail 2×4 pieces of lumber at a distance of 16 inches between them vertically between the two vertical plates installed. They should be as long as the height from the top to the bottom plate is.

8. Strengthen the top plate with another one the same length. Nail them together on the top.

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