Learn to construct a knee wall partition - Part 3

This article contains the final instructions regarding the installation of a top cap, a wall board and finishing the wall.

1. You will need to cut drywall to cover the knee wall.

First measure the partition frame surface and then using a utility knife cut the drywall of the same size. After that you can place the drywall over the wall frame securing it with drywall screws or nails. You have to do the same thing for the other face of the wall as well.

2. Cover the top of the knee wall with a wooden top cap. After you have placed it correctly nail it in place to secure it. Use wood putty to fill the nail holes.

3. You can add drywall putty as well in case you created seams in the drywall attached to the new partition frame.

4. The next step in finishing the wall is painting it. Meanwhile decide what floor molding you want to use at the base of the knee wall. After you have measured it apply it.

5. Place the molding in place carefully so that it is perfectly aligned with the base. Secure the molding in place using 12 inches nails. Use the wood putty again to fill the nail holes and then cover them with the paint you used on the molding.

6. Choose the paint you want to use on the wooden top cap as well. Paint it and the installation is done.

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