Learn to construct a stone interior wall

The interior of your house will be happy to add something to its value and you will certainly do that by building a traditional stone wall. You will need to take your time and be careful and the mess around this project will be smaller. You will be able to complete this project for every room of your house if you will make some researches on the internet before starting to build them up.

You will find valuable information about decorative stones and pattern and you choice will be better.

So, you will start by making some fine measurement of your place where the wall will be installed. You will find all materials and also good advice to the supply store. You will probably find that you can substitute large rivers rocks or cobblestones with a slate. It is recommended to use plastic sheeting which will be placed near the area where the wall will be installed. This is a good method to protect the floor from any damages as you will need to remove the padding and carpet around the area where you will work. The best place to install a stone wall is in a room where you have tile or hardwood floor.

Now, you will need to mix the mortar and you will follow the instructions below. First, you will need to apply a layer into the place where the slate will be placed. Then, you will use the notched edge of the trowel to drag it along the mortar and you will press a row of slate placed on top of the layer.

After that, you will repeat the process to build the wall. In case of using cobblestone instead of a slate, you will need to apply mortar around the stones and make sure that they aren’t placed exactly on top of another. River rocks, cobblestones and bricks will need to have a layer on top of the area covered with mortar between the row below and two stones.

After you finished the wall, it is very important to eliminate any excess if you want it to look nice. Make sure that you do that before the mortar dries. The plastic covering will also need to be removed before the mortar is dried if you want to be removed easily.

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