Learn to cut metal studs

Metal studs are usually used when you add a new wall in a house or in the basement. In order to use them you will have to learn how to cut them. Follow the instructions below.

  1. You will probably not have the right pair of tin snips unless this isn’t the first time you cut metal studs. Test the tin snips you do have around on a scarp piece of metal and see how they perform. If you are not happy with how they cut, go to the store and buy a new pair. The right pair should be able to cut 20 gauges steel.
  2. Measure the length of the stud you will want to cut with measuring tape and mark the cutting spot with a permanent marker. Draw a cut line across the surface of the stud with a carpenter’s square.
  3. Use the pair of tin snips to cut along the line you marked earlier until you’ve cut through the wide surface and the 2 side surfaces.
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