Learn to install tile over a wallboard

If you want to improve the interior design of your house, you can consider installing tile over wallboard. You may find wallboard as same thing with drywall, but in fact there are some differences between them. Wallboard is in fact, an older style of drywall and it is smooth and flat.

The best way to complete such a project is to have a proper preparation of your wallboard. In this article, you will find advice about this project. Remember that you will need to install cement board to the wallboard first if your project will take place into the bathroom.

First, you will have to assure that the surface is clean and flat and you will use a drywall knife for the wallboard if you want to make it quickly. Then, you will need to seal any cracks or holes and you will apply joint compound to all imperfections. You will need to use the flat edge of the drywall knife if you want your compound to be smooth. It is very important to let it dry overnight. You will use sealing primer after you gently sanded down the wall and you will let it dry for a day.

Now, you will need to install the tiles and you should know that they are added to the wallboard into the same way as any other material does. You can make a plan and draw some lines if you want your tiles to be straight. You will start to tile the plates into the place where your markings are placed. The first tile will be placed on the wall after you spread the thin set over its back. You will need to put a spacer along the edge and you will fix another tile. The process will be completed after you install all tiles into this manner. You may need to use a cutter to fit the tiles.

The space between the tiles will be finished into a process called grouting. Using a grout trowel, you will add the grout, which is a soft material, directly to the tile. You will need to apply it to the wall and then to drag it down using the grout trowel. You will need to make sure that grout is applied into all spaces. The extra grout will be eliminated using a damp sponge.

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