Learn to prepare the wall footing for a wall construction

The structure of o concrete wall, once it is build depends very much on the wall footing. The security of the wall as well as the foundation’s is strictly connected to the wall footing. If you build a wall with solid wall footings it would a lot easier.

There are some instructions you need to consider in order to properly prepare the wall footing.

What is going to consume a lot of your time is assuring that the footing is level. A level footing will allow you to work a lot easier with the forms. The easiest way to do this is to use a transit to mark the footing planks and its length with a chalk line.

Stability is what matters here. The wider the wall footing is built the more room the wall has to be built on. The thickness of the footing should be at least double of the wall’s thickness.

If you want the concrete to stay firmly in the form you drop it, you need to assure it has enough strength. First make the form by nailing the planks together and then run a band of metal under the form and to the other side where you attach it to offer more strength.

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