Protect the wires in your walls with a protector plate

The next thing to do after you install wiring in your wall is to assure their protection with a protector plate. The screws and nails may eventually puncture the wires so you need to prevent this to prevent shorts of fires. The installation is actually not that hard.

If you want to learn more about how to apply them then read the instructions below.

In order to be able to fish the wires that come from an electrical outlet or light fixture, around the studs of the wall, you will need to cut some parts of the wall. The wire should enter easily through these holes and inside the wall.

In the place where the wire comes close to the wall stud there will be the protector plate. You can use clips to push the plate or screws to secure it. If you really want to apply these plates securely you have to screw them into the side of the stud. This way they will not fall out.

You can start fishing the electrical wire through the plate once it is over the stud. The process doesn’t end here. You will have to install protector plates to every stud that the wire goes into.

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