Sealing up a doorway Part 1

In this article you will find a easy way to seal up a doorway using a block wall. First, you will need to do some preparations, if you want your project to be well done. You will need to choose the doorway that you want to be sealed up and make some measurements to know the precise height and weight of the area which will be sealed up.

Then, you will gather materials and equipment and then you will start the process.

First, you will need to prepare the mortar and blocks and you will get the pre-mixed mortar and blend it with water until you have a smooth consistency. This material will need to be spread nicely and evenly. You will need to check the consistency first and then go to the process.

To put the first layer of blocks, you will need to put some mortar mixture on the sill using the trowel. You will need to make sure that you applied the mixture on the entire surface of the sill. Also, it is very important to put only one block at a time and check the alignment of the blocks. You will be able to proceed to the second row, only after you assured that they are straight. You will continue the process for all rows of blocks. You will need to place mortar on top of every row and assure that it will fix with the new one well. Also, it is very important to add spacers between blocks to secure their position with one another. The block will gain stability if as you will add mortar between the blocks. Remember to wipe any extra mortar before it will dry.

Rows will be installed carefully. Make sure that you take your time to complete this project if you want to be well done. The mortar and blocks will set in for at least one hour. Make sure that you wipe the excess of mortar with a sponge. If you are unlucky, you will use a striking tool to make some adjustments. Silicone caulk will seal corners and both sides of the block. Also, a sealer will be added to prevent mildew.

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