The construction of a soundproof partition wall - part 3

1. Prepare the drywall necessary to apply over the partition wall. Measure the distance between the floor and ceiling and cut the drywall using a utility knife.

2. Attach the drywall to the innermost section of the partition wall using screws or nails. The edge of the drywall will be attached to the adjacent wall and the sheets will be secured to the studs. Attach the drywall on both sides of the partition wall.

3. You can use drywall putty in the seams of the sheets of drywall to cover them. Cover the seams with drywall tape and with drywall putty again. You can use the drywall putty also on nail or screw holes that are found in the wall. Leave the putty time to dry. It will be more efficient if the layers of drywall putty you apply are as smooth as possible to save time with sanding.

4. Now use the sanding block to smooth out the wall where it is possible. Make sure the drywall putty is dry before starting the sanding. If you want your wall to look as good as possible, then spend as much time as you can sanding it.

5. Now the last thing to apply on the wall is the paint. First apply a couple of coats of primer and then choose the paint you want for the wall.

6. Meanwhile think about the molding you will want to use on the ceiling and floor. Do the measurements and cut the molding. After that choose paint for the molding as well and color it.

7. You can finally attach the molding to the top and bottom of the wall when the paint is dry on both the wall and the molding. Use a hammer and some finishing nails. The job is finally done. You have a new soundproof partition wall installed.

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