Inserting a wire into a gum paste flower

When you are making celebratory cakes and you need molded flowers and other figures, you can use gum paste to make them. It is a sweet and edible product used for such purposes. You can only stick gum paste figures on top of a cake and not on the sides because of the weight, using though frosting.

But for more elaborate wedding cakes and good professional decorators use a floral wire to gum paste figures because it helps them stay in place better. Follow these steps:

1. First create your figure using gum paste.

2. Before the gum paste gets hard, take a floral wire and stick it inside the bottom of the flower, like a stem.

3. Press the bottom of the flower around the wire and then twist it to place it. Apply the other flowers using the same procedure. After you do this you can leave the paste to get hard. The result will be a hard and crisp gum paste.

4. Create the flower cluster arrangement by wrapping the flower stems around each other.

5. Take the wire through the cake.

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