Learn how to marry your friends

If you have some close friends that decide to get married it would be great if you could marry them. Not everyone can perform a wedding ceremony. You have to become an ordained minister first.

1. Research about the legal aspects of who can perform a wedding ceremony; ask the local country clerk’s office about this. The criteria regarding who can perform a wedding ceremony differ from state to state.

2. The solution is to become a minister. This is what most people choose to do. Apply for a ministry online. You can do this for free or for money, it depends.

3. After that, discuss with your friends about the details of the ceremony. Include music, scripture readings, poems, vows and wedding traditions. An order of events will help you and the couple to follow the program easier.

4. You should start the opening ceremony with a few personal words about the couple, sharing special memories and thoughts. After that, speak about what marriage is and what important step they have made.

5. Gather everybody involved in the ceremony a few days before to rehearse. You, the minister will be in charge of the ceremony development. Always ask the opinion of the couple when it comes to making decisions.

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