Making a unique wedding dress

Your comfort is the most important aspect of your wedding dress. All wedding dresses are white, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique white wedding dress. Follow these steps to make your wedding dress unique.

1. Replace some of the accents of the dress with colors. For example replace large white flowers with colorful poises or add a colorful sash.

2. Dye the bottom of your dress and add light blue or pale pink to it if the dress is not already to ornate. But this must be done by an experienced worker not by you.

3. Change the plain white pumps with colorful, sparkly shoes.

4. Get your dress “built on” by a professional. They know how to make a dress unique. A unique touch can be obtained by adding an accented line down your dress or by placing jewels throughout the dress.

5. Wedding dresses are usually long so no one will expect you to wear a shorter one. Use this advice.

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