Obtaining a copy of a Marriage License for free

You can get a free copy of a marriage license from the public records of the county you filled it in.

1. First you will need to have some information gathered.

You will need the names of the spouses, with the wife’s maiden name included, the county where you filled the license, the marriage date

2. In case you need the license for a divorce or a child custody case then go to the family court clerk’s office in the county. Ask him to give you the file of the case records which is usually public. You may need your identification card to obtain this. You will find here a copy of the marriage license and you can make a free copy of it right there.

3.  Another way to obtain a copy of the marriage license is to ask the spouses to make you a copy the day they sign it. You will have to attend the wedding ceremony to be sure they have the license and the clerk didn’t pass it to the county office.

4. Check if the county Office of Vital Statistics gives free copies of marriage licenses as this is the place where they are held. You will have to fill a form with some related information about the spouses and in some cases a fee is also required.

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