Paying a photographer at the wedding

Depending on your desires you can either ask your guests to take some photos at the wedding and then send them to you or if you want to have a lot of photos you can hire a professional.

The advantages of having a professional photographer are that he has a license to do that, a lot of experience and great equipment. If you didn’t understand why you have to pay a photographer so much money, think about his expenses: taxes, their website, Photoshop and their second photographer.

The photos taken by a professional are well thought based on your requires and wishes. You will meet with him and discuss about this before the wedding.

If the photographer is not familiar with the wedding venue he will have to make a visit before the wedding to check the lightning.

This means another couple of hours in their schedule because lightning is one of the most important factors that make a photo great. If you want beautiful photos at your wedding all these are needed.

After the photographer takes the wedding photos he has to spend another period of long hours editing and choosing your photos. Then finally, the photos will be uploaded where you want, and if you asked for one, you will get a photo book also.

You should have understood by now why photographers ask for so much money at weddings.

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