Planning a civil marriage ceremony

A very good solution for those who try to avoid religion conflicts and other problems is to officiate their wedding with a civil marriage ceremony. This is a simple action that can be done in a couple of hours and will save your money and time with many preparations. The two parts will sign a contract which will act like an agreement.

So, you will start planning your civil marriage with a marriage license. The license will be obtained from a county clerk or an office at the city hall if you live in a large city. You will need to ask for all details about a civil marriage before you do it. Remember that clerks love to answer your questions and help people.

Then, you will need to find an officiant which is almost all the time a local judge or a court commissioner. You will probably need the clerk’s recommendations if you want your officiant to come to the wedding place.

Also, you can choose to find your own officiant. You will need to pay a fee and you will have all the process done. A very important thing is to consult with the officiant about the ceremony. You need to know that you can personalize your ceremony. You can choose for a traditional speech of the officiant or you can choose a text that suits better for you.

Next, you will need to make the precise arrangement for your venue. You will need to care about the place, parking and rest facilities. If you choose a hotel, you will certainly be helped by some coordinators which will give the right indications to the crowd. If you choose your house as a place for your wedding, you will need to assure some parking places and more restrooms. Make sure that you arrange the transportation and also, make sure that the place is arranged in a good way for everybody to see your first marriage kiss.

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