Sayings for the bridal shower cards

Writing on a bridal shower card is difficult even for close friends of the bride. If you get a good prompt about what you want to say and you have inspiration it shouldn’t be difficult to write the feelings you want to express on paper.

You card should express a certain sentiment.

This is what you need to figure first. Your relationship with the bride will affect the sentiment you want to express, like writing something funny or heartfelt. Once you have knowledge about your feelings it will be easier to express yourself in writing.

You should inspire from general sayings like: “Congratulations on your upcoming marriage”; “Best wishes on your bridal shower”; “Much happiness to the bride and groom”; “Best wishes to a beautiful bride”; “May laughter and love fill your lives together”; “Happiest wishes for a very special shower.” Don’t just copy these messages on your card, use them as inspiration and if you can make the saying more personal.

As soon as you figure out what you would like to express and you find your own words for this start writing on a separate piece of paper before actually writing on the wedding card.

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