Telling the guests to wear flat shoes for the wedding

A wedding can take place in a variety of locations. But there are some that make the footing a little uncertain. Like, for a wedding that takes place in a garden wearing heels won’t be a good idea as they will sink into the grass.

This is also available for beach weddings. To avoid complications and angry guests make sure you tell them to wear flat shoes at the wedding.

1. To avoid requesting the dress code together with the wedding invitation, you can include an additional card with it.

2.  Write something like “The garden setting [or other location] is beautiful, but the footing is a bit unreliable. Please wear flat shoes to the ceremony and save your dancing shoes for the reception”. This way they will have to bring flat shoes.

3. Put the card and the invitation together in an envelope and send them.

Another way to transmit the guests the dress code is to send them an email few weeks prior to the wedding to remove the additional card from the invitation.

4. Write a message where you tell them how excited you are to see them at the wedding and then add something like “We’d like to let you know that you may be more comfortable in flat shoes for the wedding ceremony since the sand is difficult to walk in with high heels.”

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