Tropical wedding dresses as an alternative to traditional

If your wedding date is during the summer, or the wedding place is a beach or an island, you will probably need to think about a tropical wedding dress. They fit well with a summer sight and they can be worn by different figures and body type. Also, they can be manufactured in many styles and lengths.

Colors and models can also differ from dress to dress. Another advantage for this type of dress is that it can be worn after the wedding as an evening wear.

Pareu, sarong and muumuu are the most important kinds of a tropical wedding dress. First kind is a rectangle of colored silk or light and gauzy fabric. This dress can be tied as a shoulder baring sheath or in halter style. The second type uses the same model but it is tied at the hips. This style can be worn thigh or calf length. The third kind is a dress with a large length which has capped or caftan sleeves. The fabric is arranged to fall in folds.

The history of those dresses came from the Hawaii. The women use to wear them in 1950s when Captain Hook traveled there. He and his crew were stunned about them. Since then, they are worn all around the world on the beaches.

These dresses started to be wore as a sign of sexual liberty and egalitarian ideal. After that, the costumes moved in wedding sights quickly to celebrate the sensuality of the couple.

This kind of costumes fit well with Polynesian or Asian themed locations and is chosen often by nontraditional couples.

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