Wearing revealing wedding dresses in church

A bride wants her wedding dress to be daring and revealing. This can make her really beautiful; still, in a church it can be a little inappropriate to wear it. But you can give up a beautiful dress for this.

You can take advantage of this advice to avoid wearing two dresses.

1. Ask the church clergy what type of dress would be appropriate.  After you find out what body parts have to be covered it will be easier to choose your wedding dress.

2. Try to use a dress that is suitable with a jacket or shrug layered over it. This means you cannot have a dress that is bulky in the upper portion but can still be embellished.

3. Use a cover-up with the wedding dress such as shrugs that will cover the upper back and arms. You can cover the entire upper body and neck with special wedding jackets. You can use wedding coats and take them off after the ceremony.

4. Integrate the cover-up with the wedding dress so it doesn’t look odd. Match the pattern of the wedding dress with the shrug or jacket you decide to use by adding a lace overlay or by having them beaded. This will remove the image of two separate pieces.

5. Attach the cover-up to the wedding dress using invisible eye hooks. This will make sure that the dress will stay in place during the ceremony.

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