About solar window screens

The main benefit of solar window screens is that they protect you from the terrible heat provoked by the sun in hot summer days.

There is no better way to keep the heat away from the house than with solar window screens. Using a screen mesh that is specially designed, the UV rays radiated by the sun are deflected from the windowpane.

While some of the heat is absorbed by the screen, the rest is deflected in the near surroundings thus keeping the heat away from the window.

There are many benefits from using solar screens. They are said to block somewhere around 80-90% of the heat from getting inside the house. In hot sunny days your rooms will be very cool and comfortable.

Another great upside of solar screens is that you save a lot of energy by not needing to use the air conditioning any more. Because the temperature inside the room is already comfortable you can save up to 35% of the energy.

Furniture is also affected by the sun rays. Usually the part of the furniture that is directly faced to the window is fading in time. With solar screens this is no longer a problem.

Another utility from solar window screens is that they offer you the privacy you need. People looking from outside can’t see what’s happening inside but you can enjoy the view from inside.

Glare is another issue that window screens can solve. You will no longer have problems with a glare appearing on the TV or in mirrors.

Solar screens are not only useful in the summer, but in the winter too. The same way they help keeping heat outside during summers, they help keeping the heat inside during the winter.

Not only solar screens are very useful, but they are also not expensive and they help enhancing the look of the house. You can consider them as a great investment to your house.

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