Cleaning methods for faux wood window blinds

Faux wood blinds are just like wood blinds, very appealing, only they don’t have the same cleaning conditions. This means you can use any water or chemical cleaning solution you want. The best method for cleaning you blinds is given by the manufacturer.

You have to avoid submerging the faux wood in water. Doing so will make it lose its immaculate appearance. This is how to clean the blinds:

1. Make a mixture with 1 cup of water and some soft liquid dishwashing detergent. It’s recommended that the detergent to have no fragrance.

2. Arrange the slats in a vertical position.

3. Plunge the cloth in the water solution and squeeze it after. Start wiping the top blind bar that holds the pulleys. The pulleys are what moves the blind up and down.

4. Now wipe each slat starting from the top, on the side that is facing up. Always keep the cloth clean.

5. Now arrange the slats in the opposite direction. Wash them on this side too. Finish with the bottom blind bar.

6. Wait until the blind is dry and start using it.

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