How to decorate window blinds

The purpose of window blinds is to keep sun light away from your home’s interior. But this doesn’t make them look more beautiful. For this you need to use some decorating tips that will make the blinds a nice looking accessory.

The first thing that comes in mind when you have ugly blinds is to replace them. But maybe you are renting and you can’t do that. Well, a solution is to use quality ribbon to embellish them. Make sure you apply the ribbon on clean surface. Glue it at the top or bottom or even more, on each slat individually.

You can also hide your blinds behind a curtain. This will also look very good. For the best results use a material that allows light to pass through it but doesn’t reveal the blinds.

A good decorating technique is to glue an image to the blind, in vertical strips glued to the slats, so that when the blind is closed it reveals the image. Make an image for each side of the slats. Make the picture in a way that doesn’t bother to be looked at but still gives a nice feeling.

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