Information about cellular window blinds

The cellular window blinds differentiate of other wood blinds with the fact that they can control light that enters the room much better. You can have just as much light as you need inside your room, from total blackout to full light.

The fabrics of the blind form a cross-sectional honeycomb shape that is very good for preserving energy and offering privacy.

There are many types of cellular window blinds, from cordless to the way they open (up or down).

The benefits of cellular window blinds are a lot. Because of the way they are constructed light is filtered smoothly and also air gets trapped in the middle which means the blinds are very good insulators. Therefore the temperature in the room remains steady. They make a great feature to maintain temperature appropriate during both summer and winter.

In the case of cellular window blinds you can have total blackout. They don’t have those little holes between the slats. This makes them suitable not only for homes but also for any kind of experimentation room that requires complete darkness. Another case where you might need to make a room completely dark during the day is when trying to get little kids to sleep in the afternoon.

A good feature of the cellular window blinds is the top down feature, apart from the bottom up feature. This allows you to lower the blind from the top leaving thus light in but still keeping your privacy. Plus, there are many other additions you can install such as a cordless setting, or a remote control system.

All in all cellular window blinds are such a great addition to your windows!

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