Learn to easily hang vertical blinds

They are more common in offices than in houses, but still you may want to feel the benefits of vertical blinds. They create a sense of more space because of the amount of light that enters the room. Here are some instructions about hanging vertical blinds in your home.

Hanging Vertical Blinds

There are some materials needed for this installation: a tape measure, a drill, a screwdriver, a level, a marker, studs or brackets and the vertical blinds. Next you will have to take the necessary measurements of the window. There are two ways of measuring and this is because you have to chose from an inside mount or outside mount.

Let’s start with the inside mount. The measures you will need are the width of the top, middle and bottom of the window but you will only use the shortest of the three. You also have to measure the height at the sides and in the middle and again use the shortest one. The last measurement is the depth of the window frame.

When performing and outside mount, you have to measure the width transversely on the window and then add an additional 4 inches to that width. Then measure the height at the center and add 6 inches to it.

Now for the installation: the first step is deciding on the level line, which is the level at which the blinds will be installed at. Draw it when you decide on its position. You should use studs not anchors for this installation. Locate the stud markings and place the brackets on the line level. Mark the screw holes on the level line. After that, use the drill and make the holes for the screws in the stud.

Next you have to snap the head rails into the brackets making sure they are well connected and fit. You will have a valance that hides the top rail and you need to install it with clips. If your type of blinds uses pull cords, then you will have to install them too and a cord mount. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you follow these easy instructions you will have the blinds installed in no time and your room will look how you always wanted.

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