Learn to paint window blinds

Beside the usual functionality of blinds, which is to keep light away and also to give you privacy, they can also help you improve the aspect of a room. If you want to paint the blinds in your home, follow these steps:

1. Leave the blinds attached to the window and open them so that light enters the room.

You will paint the blinds while they are still attached, but to prevent paint from getting all over the place, you should cover the strings that hold the blinds together with painter’s tape. Now close the blinds so they are vertically positioned.

2. Rub down the sides of the slats, both of them at the beginning, even though you will only paint one side at a time. The reason you have to do this is to create a better surface for the paint to adhere to. When you finish, wipe the slats with a humid cloth.

3. Cover the area around the blinds with newspapers to protect it against paint drops. You can’t paint directly on the blinds unless they are white or any other light color. For all other colors you have to apply a layer of white latex primer. Start applying the first coat with horizontal moves of the paintbrush. Wait the required amount of time the manufacturer states until the paint dries and then apply another layer.

4. When you are done applying the second layer wait a long time for the paint to dry. Turn the blinds on the other side and do the same thing you did on the first side.

5. When you finish remove the painter’s tape and enjoy your new blinds.

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