Some guidelines for window blind cleaning

Using window blinds gives you a lot of satisfaction. But as usual, you still have to be ready for a lot of dust and other debris. You can clean them easily, but there are some factors you have to look after, like the material the blinds are made of.

You can prevent the dirt from accumulating on the slats but you need to perform a regular cleaning. Every week it would be a good idea to run the vacuum cleaner brush over the slats. You have to close them on both sides to clean them completely. If you don’t want to use a vacuum you can individually clean each slat with a dusting cloth. You can also use dust spray, but make sure the material the blinds are made of supports it.

Now that you are in touch with the regular cleaning, you need to know that from time to time you have to perform a deeper cleaning. This is because dust is not the only dirt that accumulates on the slats. You have to close the slats and wash them with a moist cloth. When you are done clean the slats with a dry cloth.

You can also take off the blinds and soak them in the bathtub filled with soapy water. Again see if this won’t ruin the material and dry the blinds as soon as you are done with the cleaning.

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