What blinds work with patio doors?

There are some types of blinds that can work well on a patio door. Check out these types:

Wood blinds

Wood blinds are a good solution for horizontal blinds. Wood is very resistant thus suitable for a door that is always opened or closed.

In case you have sliding doors you can install one set on each side to make things easier. When you use wood blinds with sliding doors, you still let a bit of light to enter.

Aluminum blinds

Between all the types presented above, aluminum blinds are the toughest of all. They are so good if you have children or pets that wonder around the patio every day. Also you can clean them easier. There are blinds that don’t allow light at all because they don’t have what is called “route holes”. This can be very handy.

Vertical blinds

Patio doors are usually large glass doors. With vertical blinds you can cover the entire surface of the door and control the amount of light that enters through it. Vertical blinds hang from the top of the door. One of the most useful vertical blinds is the fabric-covered PVC blinds because of their durability and efficiency.

Bamboo blinds

The difference between bamboo and wood blinds is that they are better at diffusing the light and they let more light in. the classical bamboo blind is set up in a roller shade. When you want it open you simply roll it up and vice-versa. They are apparently very efficient against het cause by sun light but they are not so good at creating a dark atmosphere. Also they tend to get damaged faster than other materials.

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