What blinds work with sliding glass doors

More and more people are using glass sliding doors today. And most of them want to keep their privacy. For this there is need for a window treatment.

You have to make a decision after analyzing all the options that the market offer in terms of window blinds.

If you use vertical blinds you will obtain the sophisticated look and with the sheer vertical blinds the classy look. If you want to allow as much light in as possible you have to know that vertical blinds can be stacked on one side allowing very much light in the room. When it comes to material, vertical blinds have a lot to offer. You can choose from vinyl, fabric, aluminum or faux wood. Still, vinyl is mostly common because of the big variety of colors it can support. Also they are cheaper. If you want more expensive still more luxurious blinds, you can choose the wooden vertical blinds.

A more uncommon choice for sliding doors is the horizontal blinds. There are some problems that can occur with these blinds. For example if the door isn’t tall enough the blinds can get in the way when raised at the top. Another occurring problem is the cords getting stuck in the doorway. Still these are about the only disadvantages that horizontal blinds have. They have good parts too. For example they are better if you want more light inside the room. Roman shades are a great choice too.

As alternatives to blinds you can use curtains and drapes. Actually they are better than the blinds in this case. There are so many types, styles and colors available that you can create any décor you want from traditional to modern. They cost less and they are easy to install yourself saving you some more money.

Now it’s up to you to complete your research and make the final decision about your home.

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