Christmas tree Victorian decorations

The Victorian era is when the modern Christmas tree was introduced. The decorations back then included edible ornaments, paper garlands, handmade gifts and tiny candles. Follow these steps to make your own Victorian themed Christmas tree.

1. Make a garland only with popcorn and cranberries stringed on an industrial stringed thread. Use the garland to decorate the tree.

2. Make a paper chain out of colorful paper strips.

3. Create candy bags out of mesh bags tied with a gold ribbon. Fill the bag with candy and hang it in the tree. Open them at Christmas.

4. Make triangles of holiday paper and then fold them and glue them to create small cornucopias. Enhance the cornucopias with colored ribbons and fill then with candies or nuts.

5. At the bottom of the tree install a Nativity scene. Add more detail with some fake grass and snow.

6. Install an old fashioned Victorian angel at the top of the tree.

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