Decorating a gardener Christmas table

1. Make a centerpiece from a Norfolk Island pine, topiary rosemary or ivy, or a 1-gallon berried holly shrub. You can also decorate a basket in Christmas colors and fill it with a potted plant of your own.

2. Use greenery like holly, ivy, pine or others to decorate some taper candles and holders.  Insert the greenery into a thin ribbon that is tied in a bow that located up from the candle holder’s fluted lip.

3. You can use plants gathered from the garden center like red pansies or other potted herbs to create place-holders in the same growing theme. Use holiday paper to wrap the posts with.

4. Cover the table with a tablecloth matching the festive holiday. It can have any design that is compatible with the rest of the decorations. Decorate the corners of the tablecloth with sprigs of holly, ivy, rosemary or pine.

5. Use pieces of twine, raffia or ribbon to create napkin holders. You can also decorate one corner of the napkins with some leaf design using fabric paint or a marker.

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