Homemade decorations for a Victorian Christmas

Tree decoration

The tall and slender tree with space between branches is the centerpiece of the Victorian Christmas. You shall decorate it with ornaments in pink, burgundy, ivory, gold and silver for the real Victorian touch.

Victorian hanged candles on the tree branches, but today this isn’t practical anymore, that’s why you will need to buy tree lights, or if you want candle lights to attach them to the branches.

The Victorian garlands were made of popcorn and cranberries. The favorite Victorian decorations are paper stars, hearts and cornucopias; walnuts still in the shell painted with gold or silver hanged altogether on a ribbon; Victorian-style paper dolls glued to cardboard with a touch of glitter and gifts wrapped in decorative paper to hang in the tree.

Make the tree skirt in the same color theme. Add a little garden made of paper underneath the tree along with a bunch of toys, scraps of evergreen for trees.


Victorian homes had greenery all over for holidays. They used wreaths and swags make of fresh evergreen to hang at the windows and doors. They also enhanced them with pine cones, lace, ribbons and tiny white lights. Branches of greenery can be used to frame mirrors or pictures. The greenery was consisted of mistletoe, holly, and ivy.

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