Learn to create clothespin Christmas ornaments

Follow these steps:

1. Decide how many ornaments you want to create and buy the same number of wooden clothespins with rounded heads.


Use a black fine-line permanent marker to draw the people faces on the round part of the clothespins.

3. To create the clothing of the clothespins use fabric scraps or brightly colored felt. Create a scarf from a strip of felt. Make a cape with pieces of fabric glued together.

4. To make a clothespin angel ornament, first create the clothing out of glued lace scraps. Then make the wings out of cardboard painted in white and sprayed with glitter. Attach the wings to the clothespin with glue. Use a little craft wire covered in glitter to make the halo.

5. Imitate the hair using a doll’s hair or strands of yarn attached to the top of the clothespin.

6. Color the ornaments using any type of acrylic colors.

7. If you want to hang the clothespin on a piece of ribbon, take a 6 inch piece and know its ends. Then glue the back of the ornaments to the knot and leave it to dry. Then you can hag the ribbon with the ornaments wherever you want.

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