Learn to make Christmas tree decorations from paper

You can use only things that are normally found in any home to create paper ornaments that you will use to decorate the Christmas tree. You only need one day to fill the entire tree with paper chains, snowflakes and ornaments.

Paper Chains

One of the easiest decorations to make at home is the paper chains.

Cut pieces of construction paper at the size of 1 by 5 inches and make circles out of them by bringing the ends together and then gluing them. The next circle will be made after it is passed through the previous circle and so on until you have created a chain. You decide on the length.


Another ornament you can make from paper and use for Christmas is the paper snowflake. Fold a sheet of white paper several times to create a shape of an accordion. Then use scissors to cut what shapes you want from the paper. When you finish creating the snowflakes you can hang them together on a ribbon.

There is also a more environmental friendly idea to use recycled Christmas cards and wrapping paper and turn them into tree decorations.  Cut any shape you want from the used cards, you can create a Christmas tree, a gingerbread man a star or whatever you want. Cover the shapes in wrapping paper and then hang them on a ribbon. You can also make little present boxes if you have little jewelry cases that you can cover in wrapping paper.

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