Learn to produce felt Christmas ornaments

A nice project for the whole family to participate at is to make felt ornaments. It is an easy and cheap project.


First choose the colors for the felt being as varied as you can. Try to complement the colors with the ornament shapes.  This means something like using green for tree ornaments and so on.

2. Use patterns from the cookie cutters to create the ornament shapes. Choose whatever size you want.

3. Take the cookie cutter and place it over a piece of felt. Draw an outline of the cookie shape with a pen and when you are done outlining all shapes use scissors to cut through the felt.

4. Now cut a small circle on top of the shapes with a paper punch.

5. Now you can decorate the ornaments as you fell. Use glitter and glued-on buttons and beads if you want or use contrasting colors to create a nice visual effect. In the end, wait a few minutes to allow the glue to dry.

6. Finally take a narrow cording or a ribbon and pass it through the holes you made earlier on top of the shapes to create a hanger.

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