Natural and green Christmas decorations

Christmas is one of the most important holidays, but its magic isn’t present if people aren’t decorating everything around them with care. Lights and sparkling ornaments are making the Christmas beautiful. Colors are very important thinking about Christmas decorations, but green is the best option for those who try to combine traditional with modern.

First, a good advice for house owners who like to improve the general aspect of the Christmas ornaments design is to try to reduce the number of new piece bought in every year. Old ornaments can easily satisfy the need for a good looking house. They can bring you some fine memories from the past and they will also save your money.

Swags, garlands and wreaths are good solutions for your decorations. They are natural and green and they will surely create the design and feeling that you need around your house. Also, you can use seasonal flowers like hyacinth, mimosa, narcissus and amaryllis. Twigs, dried berries, small logs, oranges, fresh apples and other fruits will certainly complete a nice design of the house.

Another thing to think about is the tree. It is fully recommended to use natural trees as they are a green solution. They are grown in farms and their live is maintained only for Christmas period. After that, farmers plant another trees. In this way you will get away from fake trees which contain plastic and other chemicals. Green Christmas can also include light bulbs which are using a little quantity of energy. They will consume 80% less energy than traditional ones and they can last up to 20 years. For the outside design, you can use solar powered lights. These new equipments will cost you some money but you will reduce the energy costs. Also, green solutions for your house can be found in soy and beeswax candles.

Also, you can choose to decorate your house using antique objects found at consignment stores and thrift shops. Also, into these places you can find some interesting presents for your family. Also, if you have enough time, you can handmade your ornaments using natural resources. Popcorn and berry garland will suit well into your rooms. A flour dough mixture can also be a material for your handmade decorations. Also, if you don’t have time to create them, you can buy some handmade ornament from local craft shows.

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