Original Christmas decorations

If you look for a family reunion or for more time spent with the members of it, you have a great chance to do that involving you in the action of creating handmade decorations for Christmas. Materials used can be gathered when you go for a walk which is a good occasion to create some memories with your family. In this article, you will find good ideas for handmade decorations which are good ecological and economical options.

Materials needed should be collected during a period of time before Christmas and the best occasions to look for dried flowers, nuts, cones and even bird’s nests, are walks. If you start gathering your materials early, you will have a collection containing different objects and colors to use.

One of the most important things to think about Christmas is the tree. You need to choose your tree carefully and also create a tradition for your family. If you don’t have a potted tree or live evergreen trees, you will need to buy one. Make sure that you will buy a large tree which can be trimmed the way you want. You can use its branches for garland and wreaths.

A wreath is the best accessory that can be manufactured for a yard. It will act like a perfect accessory for your shrubs and evergreen trees. The wreath will look good if you will combine nuts, dried flowers, herbs, bird’s nest and pine cones as accessories for it. You will create a wreath by laying a strand down and another on top of it to overlap it. You will join them together using a twine and you will overlap it to make a circle. The garland will not require a circle. You can add the natural accessories easy by using a glue gun.

The middle of the wreath is an important place which should be decorated with a mini wreath and a pillar candled into the middle. You can add some color to this accessory using spray. Also, you can use a special white paint to make it look like snow.

Pine cones can be used to create assorted baskets. They will fit well with greenery and fresh citrus and pomegranates colors. These fruits will last for weeks and will add some fresh air and color to your decorations.

Natural ornaments are the best option for your tree and it is recommended to use slices of citrus fruits dried. They can be easy dried on a warm area of your house. You will need to make sure that you won’t let them dry to long if you want to keep their color alive. Nuts and other ornaments can be painted with gold or silver paint to add a glitter to your decoration mix. Another interesting accessory is a garland made of popcorn and cranberry. You will use stale popcorn and a plastic needle to keep cranberries to their original shape. Make the mix interesting by stringing them together.

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