Safety measures for outside Christmas lights

Decorating the house for the holidays will bring you in the Christmas spirit but you have to be really careful with the lights you install on the outside because if you don’t consider the precautions you will meet with a catastrophe.

Don’t start decorating until you have a final number of the lights you want to use and where are the power sources located. The electrical outlet in which you plug in the lights has to be completely protected from rain and snow by either being on the inside or by using weatherproof outlet boxes.

After you have bought the lights test each string in place to see if they work, because one damaged string will stop all the lights. Check for anything that seems wrong like loose connections, broken or missing bulbs, frayed wires, cracked sockets or exposed wires.

Be careful when it’s time to install the lights. Use strong ladders and ask friends to help you with this. You risk falling from a high position. Be careful what you bring up on the ladder with you because it might get you off balance. That’s why it’s better to have a partner.

To attach the lights safely you will need something that won’t damage the wire coating. The coating has the purpose to protect the wire from water and shorts. You’d better not use staples and nails because you might break the wire coating so use adhesive tape or insulated staples.

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