Setting and decorating the dinner table for Christmas

What still remains a traditional Christmas habit is the Christmas dinner. The memories you gather during this festive even are priceless and you should make them as beautiful as you can.


If you want to know for sure what dishes and what silverware you will need at the table you will have to plan the Christmas dinner menu. A good example is the salad bowls and salad forks needed if you want to serve salad at the beginning.

2. You can have various themes at the table. You can use plain-colored dishes to create a simple and elegant mood or you can use thick paper plates for a family dinner.

3. You can add elegance to the table by moving the condiments into special dishes rather than leaving them into their original containers.

Use napkin rings at the table. Decorate them with Christmas poinsettias or autumn leaves or with ribbons and jingle bells. Set the mood to cozy by adding pillar candles. You can take advantage of this by adding them in the center of the wreath.

Make special name tags for the guest by tracing the shapes of the gingerbread boy and girl into a brown construction paper. Decorate the middle of the table with a large bowl filled with ball decorations of various colors.

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