Some tips about making decorations using paper

Paper is a very useful material when it comes to creating something. You can make any type of Christmas decoration to hang on the tree or walls. The advantages of creating decorations from paper are that you don’t spend any money; the time it takes is little and they occupy very little space.

Maybe you even want to reuse them next year, so you can do that if you store them somewhere safe.

1. Make the outline of a gingerbread boy on a piece of brown paper using a pencil and a cookie cutter

2. Cut along the line to make the shape of a gingerbread man.

3. Use the white paint to create a scalloped edge design around the edges of the gingerbread boy

4. Use a black marker to create the eyes and button of the gingerbread boy and a red marker to create a smile.

5. Make a hole on top of the gingerbread boy so that you can insert a piece of red ribbon through it. You can also make a garland out of gingerbread boys. For this make a bunch of gingerbread boys and make a hole in their arms. Then pass the red ribbon through all their arms and then hang it wherever you want.

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