Table decorations for the Christmas dinner

From a Christmas dinner the table decoration is something that stays in your mind for the future memories. You can bring a lot of decorating items on the table such as customized individual place settings, colorful glittering centerpieces or masses of natural materials such as pine cones and holly berries.


The main dinner table ornament is the centerpiece. Get one that has red and green pillar candles combined with holly leaves and pine boughs. Use a colored plaid tablecloth on the table. You can also improvise name cards out of pine cones.

2. Make a fruit basket with oranges, grapes, persimmons, apples and pomegranates and place it in the center. Add some additional sprigs of holly and cinnamon sticks into the basket.  Use the contrast between all white serving dishes and some bright red dinner napkins.

3. Get a large glass bowl and pour some reflective silver tinsel into its bottom then place it in the center. Add some white tinsel lights if you want. After that get candies and other vintage ornaments and fill the bowl with them.

4. Imitate place markers with some personalized Christmas stockings. Place peppermint sticks, chocolate-covered cherry candies, nuts and raspberries in the soup bowl. Install brass candlesticks along the length of the table along with some red tape candles combined with green boughs.

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