Traditional country Christmas decorations for sleds

An older runner sled or a horse-drawn sleigh can be a good solution for your Christmas decorations. Traditional style is combining simplicity with original and natural ideas. You can create a fine Christmas decoration if you will decorate your sled and you can also enjoy this job with your family and friends.

First, you will need to position your sled against a door or fence post. You will need to gather some branches of pine, cedar, hemlock or holly and hold them together using a wire. These branches can be used to cover the seats of your sleds or the handholds. You will need to use a florist wire to secure the branches.

Also, you can add some pine cones and red berries. For the centerpiece of your sled, you will need to use a white and red ribbon which will be tied around the top of the sled.

If you want to create a Santa sled, you will need to fill a kitchen garbage bag with boxes of all sizes and place it into the sled. You will need to use a red ribbon to tie the bag. Also, you can use a basket to hold carrots for the reindeer and a bag of cookies for the Santa. You can also place these ornaments near the front door. This will make your neighbors think that Santa is into your house.

Also, you can use a wreath. This ornament can be bought or it can be handmade. You will decorate it using small balls or bell and also red berries. The wreath can be placed on top of the sled or near your front door. Also, you can add a small bag filled with candies for your guests.

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