How can an A/C Contractor advertise successfully in the Yellow Pages

You are a competent professional, you do your job very well and besides this you have a few helpers that you own a business with. You have to think about developing your business plan for the next years and you will need someone to help you with that. It is very doubtful that you are going to ask for advice from your accountant, insurance agent, landlord, truck fleet dealer, or parts supplier, but what is not doubtful is that your Yellow Pages rep can help you a lot.

The fact is, the Yellow Pages are the first think people uses in cases of immediate needs to find a good contractor. Now that you know how important it is to have a Yellow Page program you have to allocate a high budget for advertising and increase it along with your business.

Open an YP book and search for competitors. Check out their ads and compare them. See how big the ads are and make an idea about how you can beat them.

Start by promoting something that makes you unique. Something that is not the price or the experience because this is something that all of them use. For this you are going to need the advice of an YP rep.

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