Structural steel detailing with AutoCAD Software

In building steel and reinforced concrete structures, engineers and design drafters use the AutoCAD software to generate and detail fabrication shop drawings. The drawings resulted are complete and accurate. Because of this the productivity and efficiency are increased.

There are some templates specific for countries.

Each country has a detail standard like AISC, CISC, BS and others and some regional building codes that influence the efficiency and completeness of shop drawings. To ensure the conformity with these standards and detailing methods AutoCAD provides templates that hold on to the specific designations and dimensions.

In the database of AutoCAD you can find information on steel sections, column shapes and beams for many countries that is easily accessible.

For the repetitive tasks (hand-railings, detailing of connections, stairs, roof trusses and purlins) AutoCAD has tools specifically customized to automate them fast.

You can make the drawings look how you want them to by modifying the symbol, drawing element, its dimension, description or table. You can modify the existing styles or you can produce new ones.

The application AutoCAD basically provides structural design detailing in a fast, versatile, collaborative manner that helps contractors analyze steel structures easy.

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